Sustainability is part of our DNA at Abreu Advogados.

It’s a commitment that is part of our identity and that we proudly express in our Stylebook which has led us, throughout our history, to take a very active stance in the creation of something that is larger than a Law Firm.

We were the first law firm, indeed, the first entity in the legal sector in Portugal to publish a Sustainability Report in compliance with the GRI – Global Reporting Initiative guidelines.

We have been members of the  BCSD – Business Council for Sustainable Development and of the UN Global Compact a United Nations program for sustainable development.

We are a B Corp and since 2015 have been committed to using our business as a force for good.

We know that the development of any organization is based on the level of fulfilment of its People but we also know that the fulfilment of such People does not depend only on the organization of which they are part. 

Fulfilment is based on the balance of elements - family, social, environment and work – and our goal is for those elements to come together to form the perfect balance for the People who are part of Abreu Advogados,

Which is why we will always be a law firm committed to our People’s personal fulfilment as a whole and to the Communities where we operate.

We want to be an example in the building of a culture that values, supports and promotes the best social, economic and environmental practices.

As a law firm, this is the only way to be committed to a sustainable development that profoundly respects people, the environment and future generations.

Sustainability Report 2018-2019

In September 2019 we launched our 6th Sustainability Report which is how from 2018 to 2019 we reported our social, economic, and environmental performance and set our goals for future action. After 13 years we remeain the only Portuguese law firm to publish our annual reports and we are waiting for others to follow our lead.


Sustainability Reports

Pro Bono Work

We place the breadth of our knowledge regarding the legal challenges facing the third sector at the service of the community. Our work with the community aims to promote and facilitate access by all organizations to justice and education and provide them with the necessary resources needed to carry out their activities. To that end, we provide pro bono legal services, share knowledge and other resources to support entities who we partner with,  to make a positive and sustainable impact.

We actively encourage our teams to get involved in community work. We devote our time and resources to promoting volunteering campaigns within the community and we stimulate our legal team to carry out pro bono services to benefit institutions and people in need.


Diversity and Inclusion

The world is constantly changing and we embrace change and diversity as organic and structural elements of our business and attitude. An attitude that reflects how we embrace people of different origins, gender, race and religion, with different backgrounds and points of view as unquestionable contributions to our value-added proposition.

At Abreu Advogados, we foster an inclusive work environment where everyone is welcome and an important part of the continued growth and success of our operation.

We promote respect for every person regardless of their age, gender, background, sexual orientation, religion or disability, and as this is consistent with our conduct in 2008 we adhered to the 10 Principles of the UN Global Compact.

Partnerships and Social Initiatives

We actively seek to participate in corporate social responsibility activities. We champion our own projects and we actively support other organizations that share our vision and mission for social justice and sustainability.

These partnerships are how we get involved with the community, and developing and evaluating the relationships we have with some of the main local and international NGOs are an important part of our goals.

We are in the following organizations:


Global movement of companies that use the power of their business as a force for good. Their main goal is to help redefine what success in business means, based sustainable ideas.

Global compact

A United Nations Programme for Sustainable Development.

BCSD Portugal

Business Council for Sustainable Development.

But also in different areas of activity:

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