Excellence, Quality, Ethics, Compliance, Solidarity ...

At Abreu Advogados we pursue excellence and try to overcome the expectations of our Clients, by focusing on the provision of services with an effective added value.

Our Practice follows a strict Code of Ethics and our Lawyers are mutually dependent upon each other: they all share in the success (or unsuccess) of the Firm.

Any Lawyer can become a Partner and each Partner has one vote, the equity in the Firm being equally divided by all Equity Partners. We want Abreu Advogados to be an Institution that survives long after the departure of its founding Partners and of its existing Partners.

The personal and professional achievement of our Professionals and our investment in technology are our main priorities.

At Abreu Advogados, we take it as part of our obligations to build a socially responsible Law Firm, one which plays an active role in the development of a sustainable Society.