10 Practice Areas, 47 Working Groups ...

From a technical point of view, Abreu Advogados provides services in 10 Practice Areas in the different fields of law. Each Practice Area gathers several working groups of a more specialized nature.

From an organizational point of view, Abreu Advogados has a Board of Directors composed of 8 Partners who are responsible for implementing the strategy and objectives that have been approved by the Partners at a General Meeting. Board members are elected at this meeting and one among them is chosen as the Managing Partner, who is entrusted with the coordination and management of the Firm.

The Firm is managed by the General Management Department, which is composed of the department Heads of: Human Resources, Finance, IT, Marketing, brand image and Communication.

Abreu Advogados also has four commissions entrusted with enforcing the Best Practices of the Firm: Compliance Commission; Sustainability Commission; Risk Management Commission and Quality Management Commission.