Meritocracy and Teamwork ...

At Abreu Advogados we adopted the culture of the 3 Qs: Human Quality, Professional Quality and Organizational Quality. We promote a culture of merit, stimulate teamwork and believe in the values of solidarity and corporate social responsibility.

At the top of our priorities and of our values is the Individual. Abreu Advogados strives to provide the best conditions for the professional and personal achievement of its Lawyers and Staff and promotes a balanced and healthy life. Through its pro bono policy and the many initiatives it undertakes on social responsibility issues, Abreu Advogados is committed to its role as a member of the Community and to deepen its contribution in the construction of a Society based on sustainable development.

We want to provide services to our Clients that are excellent in their standards, innovative in their solutions, and that address the problems, difficulties and demands of their businesses. That is why we invest so much on the advanced education of our Lawyers and actively sponsor their LL.M. and post graduation studies in Portugal and abroad.

We also devote great care to organizational issues and we have significantly invested on technological innovation and management capabilities. Our professional management team contributes every day to the continuous improvement of our organization and to the quality environment in which we provide legal services.