We are looking for the future partners of Abreu Advogados!

5†of the current†28 partners of Abreu Advogados have started their careers with us.

Working at Abreu Advogados is to invest in a career of success and, simultaneously, to take on a challenge.

We promote an open and dynamic working environment and we try our best to give our Junior Lawyers a solid legal background where they feel part of an integrated team.

We offer an atmosphere of fun, surrounded by young people, in a competitive - yet healthy -† environment, technically very stimulating and demanding, where a Junior Lawyer may begin his/her professional life working with specialists from different Practice Areas and learning the Ethics of the Profession.

We reach out for young talents, whom we may further educate and with whom we may share our most important values: those of Excellence, Quality, Ethics, Compliance and Solidarity.
Our recruitment policy is fair, consistent and non-discriminatory.

The period of apprenticeship of our Junior Lawyers is always remunerated and is divided into two periods and four stages, in accordance with our Apprenticeship Plan. In addition to work, our apprenticeship plan includes participating in several social initiatives, such as our tem-building programme, regular Lunches between Colleagues, happy-hour weekly breaks etc. We also encourage our Junior Lawyers to become part of our male and female soccer teams and, in particular, to take part in the All Stars Lawyers Tournament!