We are looking for the best professionals, who manage to maintain an ongoing thirst for more and better knowledge.

The work we undertake at Abreu Advogados is a challenging one, both at a professional and personal levels, and we are proud of the level of services we provide to our Clients.

The further education of our Lawyers is of the utmost importance for us. Every year, Abreu Advogados offers, and sponsors, a number of LL.M degrees in some of the best renowned Universities in the World and promotes advanced training programs with some of the largest international Law Firms.

We believe that a proper balance between professional life and personal life is essential for the exercise of the legal profession. By accepting that Family always comes first, we simplify the lives of our Lawyers and allow them to reconcile their professional lives with their personal lives – our maternity policy, for example, allows our mother Lawyers to keep most of their remuneration while staying at home for the first 5 months, and allows them to work on a part time basis during the first year, after the birth of their babies.

If you believe in our Project, share our Values and Culture, and are interested in being part of our Team, please send us you Application.