Abreu Advogados believes it must make a contribution to the development of corporate culture that promotes and disseminates the values of Social Responsibility. That is the only way to build a Firm founded on sustainable development. 

Social responsibility is embedded in the culture of Abreu Advogados: we are economically, socially and environmentally responsible and always improving. We have raised the standard of our services and adopted an open internal management model, which reconciles the interests of all parties.

As an active member of the Community, Abreu Advogados's activities are socially responsible and are guided by sustainability. We believe that our activities must be guided by transparency, by delivering to our Clients legal services pursuant to the highest ethical and quality standards: respecting people, the environment and future generations.

We assume our voluntary commitment to corporate social responsibility. Consequently, we joined:

- In 2015
The B Corps, which represents the capacity of businesses to overcome social/environmental constraints. This entity seeks primarily to redesign the success of businesses based on sustainable ideas.

The B Corps are relevant, as they drive other companies and their businesses to compete. They inspire them to become not only the best in the world, but also the best companies for the world.
Certified organisations meet demanding - social and environmental - performance standards and values of transparency and responsibility.
These are strict, detailed and transparent performance standards, which assess the impact of the company on all of its stakeholders.
There are over 1,450 B Corps in around 42 countries worldwide, operating in entirely different fields of activity.

- In 2008
The United Nation's programme for Sustainable Development, the Global Compact.
Voluntary initiative to promote sustainable development and corporate citizenship, respecting and fostering the 10 governing Principles - in the fields of Human Rights, Labour Rights, Environmental Protection and Anti-Corruption.

- In 2008
BCSD Portugal - Corporate Council for Sustainable Development is a not-for-profit entity.
Founded in October 2001 by top economic national corporations, it has been a member of the regional network of the WBCSD - World Business Council for Sustainable Development from the start.
It is currently composed of 109 members worldwide.

We foster a motivating, productive and participatory environment, and we are committed to our Clients, Staff and the Community (our stakeholders).

Sustainability Report 2013-2014 [PDF]

Sustainability Report 2011-2012 [PDF]

Sustainability Report 2009-2010 [PDF]

Sustainability Report 2007-2008 [PDF]

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