Through its project of internationalization "Abreu International Legal Solutions", Abreu Advogados seeks to provide integrated legal services to its clients, tailored to meet their strategic needs in the Portuguese-speaking countries and markets.

As a result, Abreu has established Associations with local prestigious law firms in Angola (FBL Advogados), Brazil (Siqueira Castro Advogados), Cabo Verde (Arnaldo Silva & Associados, C&C Lawyers and Abreu Advogados), China - Macao†(C&C Lawyers), Mozambique (JLA Advogados) and Timor-Leste (joint†office with C&C Advogados). By means of a common international strategy, the firm is able to provide to its clients the same level of service and quality standards in the referred jurisdictions.†Each of the local Partners act according to the same values and quality standards as those practised by Abreu Advogados, yet still, maintaining their own identity and autonomy.

Therefore, in alternative to finding an Abreu office in each jurisdiction, the firm undertakes the compromise that its clients will receive the level of service they expect from Abreu, in the country where they have interests.

International Desks | Abreu Advogados

Abreu Advogados has†six international desks - Angolan, Brazilian, Cabo Verde, China,†Mozambican and Timor-Leste. Each Desk has a dedicated team with experience and know-how in these jurisdictions, and is typically led by two Partners who ensure effective coordination and communications with the relevant local Partners.†