Abreu Advogados and Carpe Diem place Alfama on the Roadmap of the Arts in Lisbon

Abreu Advogados and Carpe Diem have signed a protocol for the promotion of plastic arts. At a time of great social and economic changes, both entities joined together with the purpose of promoting the arts for a larger audience of people who visit Alfama or come to the offices of Abreu Advogados.

The protocol includes art exhibitions, guided tours, debates and meetings and has kicked off with an exhibition of several pieces painted by Jorge Nesbitt. This exhibition will be displayed at the offices of Abreu Advogados in Alfama until June 30, 2019, thus benefiting from the splendor of the space and its natural light.

In July and October, Abreu Advogados and Carpe Diem will display artwork by Catarina Leitão e Jorge Santos.

Carpe Diem’s art director, Lourenço Egreja, and Abreu Advogados Partners Inês Sequeira Mendes and Manuel Andrade Neves, have assumed the cultural promotion of this project and have defined the objectives for this association between a Law Firm and the world of the arts.

Manuel Andrade Neves stated that “I am very happy to be able to be part of this project, which will allow our teams, clients and partners to join together in the celebration of art. We are aware of the importance of this type of associations  and are glad that we can undertake this innovative project with such an experienced partner as Carpe Diem

Lourenço Egreja stated that “When I started to define the main lines of this project, I immediately realized that Abreu Advogados would be a partner fit for this challenge. They are not only ideally placed in the center of Lisbon but they are also bold enough to remain open to new ideas and to allowing plastic arts to reach a greater audience, starting with their own teams. We are very happy with this association and we are committed to the success of this initiative, certain that we also are that it will contribute to the consolidation of Portuguese culture”.

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