Prevention of corruption: what can be done to avoid a criminal case

In recent years, corruption cases have drawn the attention of Governments and companies around the world. Whether those cases end up in a courtroom, with a plea deal or a Deferred Prosecution Agreement, or with an expropriation or a civil lawsuit, corruption has a corrosive effect on society and company revenue and reputation. As a result, anti-corruption efforts are often focused on preventative compliance. 

In our globalized world, some companies have mature programs to address their corruption risks. Others remain at the starting point.

This joint Abreu Advogados-Paul Hastings Webinar addresses the phenomenon of cross-border corruption, and the United States’ and Portuguese-speaking countries’ efforts to combat it. We will discuss recent prominent US and non-US cases, covering the experience of these two law firms in the United States of America and in Portuguese speaking countries.

Even knowing that prevention of corruption has much more to do with changing thinking and behaviors, Criminal Lawyers have an important role on helping their clients to prevent sanctions and undesirable public exposure. And with that in mind, we prepared this Webinar specially thinking about our clients. You are most welcome.

The first webinar-event will take place on 14th May, 5pm, dedicated to prevention of corruption: what can be done to avoid a criminal case, focusing the challenges to effectiveness and practical implementation in Portugal and African Portuguese-speaking countries.

Join us for an informative and practical session for reflection and debate on these countries’ policies and measures to prevent corruption and enhance integrity.

Jonathan Drimmer

Partner in the Washington, D.C. office of Paul Hastings

Tom Best

Partner in Paul Hastings' Investigations and White Collar Defense practice

Ana Rita Duarte de Campos

Professional Partner

Maria Eduarda Borges

Associate Lawyer

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