Abreu (private) Foward Sessions

Sessions PPPs and Concessions l COVID-19 infects the rebalancing of contracts

PPPs and Concessions at risk: the infamous Decree that roots out the economic rebalance of contracts during or in consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic. Know your rights and react.

An exclusive (Clients Only) Webinar with Abreu Advogados’ Of Counsel Prof. Luis Fábrica (professor of Constitutional Law; Administrative Law and of Public Contracts Law at the Catholic University of Lisbon), where you can learn more about the said legal regime and place you questions and doubts. This Webinar will be conducted by Manuel Andrade Neves and José Eduardo Martins, co-heads of our Public Law and Environment Practice.

Luís Fábrica

Of Counsel

Manuel de Andrade Neves


José Eduardo Martins


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