Agriculture and Livestock

Traditionally predominant sectors in the Portuguese economy, agriculture and livestock are currently undergoing a marked transformation, given ever greater technological advances and the much broader range of stakeholders who need fresh, relevant answers from legal professionals.

Agriculture and livestock encompass many different activities: the wine, olive oil and dairy sectors, fertilizer production, animal nutrition, fruticulture, horticulture, forestry, traditional livestock production, as well as organic and biodynamic mixed farming production units.

Abreu Advogados has extensive experience in advising companies in the sector on matters such as company incorporation, mergers and spin-offs of agricultural and animal husbandry companies, providing advice to cooperatives, viticultural and vinicultural business development, the purchase and sale of rural assets, the creation and promotion of joint ventures aimed at the development and marketing of agricultural and animal husbandry products, the commercialization of hunting activities, guidelines for bullfighting events, the management of rural property, rural leasing, agricultural contracting, agricultural insurance, tax, social security relating to farming companies and farm workers, direct aid, national or European agricultural financing, and agritourism.


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