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In Association with JLA Advogados in Maputo, since 2010.

In an effort to satisfy the needs of Clients with business interests in Mozambique, and as a part of its growth policy, in 2010, Abreu Advogados established a partnership with one of the most prestigious law firms in Mozambique, JLA Advogados. Abreu Advogados and JLA Advogados actively work together to provide legal services to national and international Clients with business interests in Mozambique in all areas of Law, particularly, energy, environmental, infrastructure, natural resources and finance/capital markets.

This partnership is a result of a common set of values, philosophy and forms of conduct, shared by both Firms. The commitment has enhanced the response capacity of both firms, through the sharing of know-how and the creation of multidisciplinary teams that allow for a joint, specialized approach, focused on the needs of the clients.   

The Partners heading the coordination and communications that fall within the scope of the Partnership with JLA Advogados are Pedro Pais de Almeida and José Maria Corrêa de Sampaio.


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